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VS Podcast Ep. 01
VS Podcast Ep. 01Summary: The first episode of the Verdant Sound podcast. Lush, meticulously crafted music from artists we love. This episode featuring: Burgur, Evan Geesman, Novelty Daughter, Zammuto and more....
VS_Cover_01_1.jpgVS Episode 1 Track List

Art by Corbin Clarke

Feed Me Jack - Knight Fork

Zammuto - Corduroys

Novelty Daughter - Is That So Wrong

The Acid - Fame

Chvrches - Mother We Share (Tiny Desk Concert)   

StaG - It Doesn't Matter

Evan Geesman - Bicycle Raga

Dawn of Midi - Algol (Segment)

Bür Gür - Orchard Hearse   

El Guincho - Bombay

JHS - Sun Chant

Joomanji - Where Are You

Photay - The Return Home