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VS Podcast Ep. 07
VS Podcast Ep. 07Summary: The seventh episode of the Verdant Sound Podcast. Lush, meticulously crafted music from artists we love. This episode featuring: Penthouse Penthouse, Roses, Low Leaf, Zammuto and many others...


VS Episode 07 Track List

Artwork by Lia-ArtWells

Archie Pelago - The House of Haab feat. Spencer Murphy

Tennyson - With you

Penthouse Penthouse - Let me see that

Flwrs + Maralisa - Drumdrunk

Novelty Daughter - Impatiens

Anemonii - Faery Lore

Roses - The Fog

Zammuto - Hegemony

Busdriver - Bliss Point

Low Leaf - Set me free

Mndsgn - Txt(MSGS) + AM