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VS Podcast Ep 09
VS Podcast Ep 09Summary: The ninth episode of the Verdant Sound Podcast. Lush, meticulously crafted music from artists we love. This episode featuring: Art Elliot, Baths, Kylian, Wicked Man and many others...


VS Episode 09 Track List

Artwork by Wells

Feed Me Jack - Berring Stone

Art Elliot - Disappearing Man

Kyson + Shigeto -Water Collides

Baths - Itorascett Mix

Evan Geesman - Hot Room

Kylian - Remind Me

Mike Parvizi - First Rain

A Sol Mechanic + Flamingosis - The Touch

Art Nikels - Hesitation Makes

Wicked Man - Selfish Indeed

Sculpture - Psyche Tropes

No Diving - Coming Clean