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VS Podcast Ep. 10
VS Podcast Ep. 10Summary: The tenth episode of the Verdant Sound Podcast. Lush, meticulously crafted music from artists we love. This episode featuring: Wicked Man, Chakita, JHS, Lost Midas and many more...


VS Episode 10 Track List

Artwork by Wells

Shigeto - Tide Pools

Evan Geesman - Stalks

Wicked Man - Solitude

Photay - Frosted

Lost Midas - Dream Of Me

Anenon - Grapevine

Kuh Lida - ::: PeakingIRL ::: ˚(0,-)¬∞ :::

Chakita + Sun Spots (feat. Anina Denove & Brittany Powers)

JHS - emotion.909

Bollywood Life - Liquid Kid

Goodnight Cody - Sunny December